The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It has a broad range of places to visit. Half of Netherlands lies below the sea level. Many travelers visit the only a part of the Netherlands especially Amsterdam during their trip. They although miss much of the beautiful scenes of the country. There is much more to see and do in the Netherlands than the famous coffee shops and red lights. If you intend to visit the Netherlands, here is a travel guide to help you get the best out of your trip.

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Plan Your The Perfect Trip to Netherlands

 Travel budget Netherlands


Knowing the typical costs of your trip is a significant element in having an enjoyable tour across the Netherlands. It is frustrating to end up locked in a hostel due to failure to meet the hotel’s daily costs. These costs include:

  • Food

Although this country is not well known for its food, it still has more to offer in regards to food. It is, therefore, essential to know the cost of the foods you could wish to try out. Also, determine earlier enough if you will be cooking yourself or eating out.

  • Transportation

Get your Flight tickets early to avoid last minute rush or purchasing one when the flights charge high. Transport costs in your country may differ greatly with another country. For example, Inter-city train tickets around Holland are cheap. Residents have embraced biking as the dominant form of transportation around cities because the country it is flat. Biking fans, there are bikes available for rentals. However, taxis are costly and may not be a good fit option for navigating around.

  • Museums

This is a great opportunity or museum lovers because entry into museums is not costly while churches are free to enter. For canal tour lovers, hiring a boat is also less costly.

  • Daily budget

This is where many people find themselves in trouble. They get overexcited for their upcoming trip and forget to plan for their daily budget while there. Purpose how much you intend to spend on a daily basis. If eating out proves to be adding extra expenses, then you can do away with it so as to fit into your budget. However, expect for a higher budget if you plan to stay in a luxurious restaurant and eat out regularly.
With said, here are the places to visit in Netherlands.

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Places to visit and things to see in Netherlands

  • See the sights of RotterdamRotterdam is one of the world’s busiest shipping ports. Though regarded as Amsterdam’s industrious competitor, and may not get all the attention Amsterdam does, the city is an excellent place to visit. It features unique shops and great architecture. Though ignored it offers visitors a learning opportunity about the great harbor locks. Amsterdam


  • This is Holland’s capital city and tops in culture, romance, and kicks. The city is also Europe’s top short-break destinations with an attractive look and enjoyable to walk around. It is home to three popular museums; Amsterdam has three world-famous sights, the Anne Frank Huis, the Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum. The museums have the Dutch masters paintings that will please your eyes to see. There also several parks to visit and coffee shops to make your trip complete. People here can speak near native English even though the Holland language is Dutch.Visit beautiful LeidenThis is a small town near Amsterdam city. It is where the Pilgrims lived before they went to America. It has gorgeous parks and buildings dating back to the 17th century. It is the best historic city to visit though small. It has a small museum that has irregular opening hours. With the beautiful sceneries of this small town, you will want to walk around and have fun.MaastrichtWhile many countries pride themselves on being home to the famous mountains in the world, Maastricht is home to Holland’s only Mountain. The mountain is more of a hill and does not take the time to climb. Although this is a rarely visited town, it is a fantastic place to experience the Dutch life.Conclusion

    After touring these beautiful places, your trip cannot be complete without going biking. One of the best places to do your riding is at the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Biking is a common activity throughout the country , find Cheap Flights  for you travel